My Gut Has a Lot to Say

Change is not easy, but I've learned it is an important part of life.

I've always had a talkative gut. It's very opinionated and always seems to have something to say. The trick is, I have to be quiet and slow down enough to really hear what my gut is trying to tell me.

Since Ellis was born in late September of this year, my gut has been nagging me about my studio. It's been challenging me on things I've held tight to for the past few years. Things like... 'my studio gives me validity', 'my business can't exist without my studio', and 'I'd be taking a step backwards if I gave up my studio'.

But my gut (which maybe I should name because it seems to have a personality all its own) kept pushing me to let go of my studio and with it, the financial pressure of maintaining the space while working at a much slower pace while Ellis is very young. Honestly I hemmed and hawed over this decision for weeks, not wanting to give in and give it up. I can be very stubborn. But, one morning while Ellis was sleeping on my shoulder and snow was falling outside,  I sat quietly and for the first time in a month felt absolute peace about making this decision. Moments later without hesitation I wrote an email to the property manager putting in notice that I wouldn't be renewing my lease at the end of December when it was due to roll over. I haven't looked back since.

Though I loved this studio and it was a pivotal move for my business a few years ago, I realize now that my business doesn't need this little turquoise warehouse to continue to thrive. In fact, what is best for me at this time is having more flexibility and working smaller. By smaller, I mean smaller batches of work, smaller chunks of time, and smaller commitments to shows, clients, and contracts. One of the beautiful things about clay, is that I can work from my kitchen table - which is what I plan to do! 

Change is good.

I'll still be making the SIMPLE Tableware Collection to order, but I'll also have the freedom to make other things in small batches as I feel inspired. Because Ellis is so young, I won't be doing very many markets and shows this year. Though I do expect you'll be seeing me and my work at the Boulder Potters' Guild Spring and Fall sales. Instead of filling my calendar with shows, I'll be doing regular website updates of small batches of new work. I'm excited to see where this new phase takes me.

So, with nothing but gratitude for the last few years, I'm officially announcing that I'll be closing the studio at the end of this month. There will be a HUGE sale at the studio on Saturday, December 21, from 10am-3pm. I'll have lots of original black and white work with lines and mountains, some newer experimental pieces, and some SIMPLE Tableware items as well! All of these items must go because I don't have much room in the shed in my backyard to store things - therefore I'm also offering lots of discounts.  I'm using this sale as an opportunity to celebrate the studio and the importance it has held for me and my little handmade business.

If you are in the greater Boulder/Denver Colorado area, I hope you'll drop by to say hello, meet Ellis, have a cookie, and to snag some of my pottery for yourself or a loved one.


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